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About Us

Mr. Robert Chapman was the original owner of the company in 1952, but the business had already made its mark in Pacoima history. In 1972 John Mitchell took over the company and operated the business retaining the ROBERT F CHAPMAN corporate name. 2010 marked the 50 year anniversary and was a significant milestone. In 2001 we opened our new building in Lancaster, California. 

We look forward to surmounting new obstacles, setting new goals, and taking on new challenges in the years ahead. ROBERT F CHAPMAN is committed to our clients, staff and community. Superior technology now has become a vehicle for ever improving efficiency.



Affordable Pricing

ROBERT F CHAPMAN has provided precision contract manufacturing for over 50 years serving the commercial, industrial, and governmental manufacturing needs. Our turnkey facilities provide the maximum opportunity for saving time and money, all under one roof. We are constantly upgrading both equipment and processes which allows us to deliver the most cost effective fabrication of both limited production runs to full scale manufacturing, on time and with competitive pricing.


Our qualifications

ROBERT F CHAPMAN is a precision sheet metal fabrication facility for the aerospace and commercial industries, specializing in sheet metal fabrication, welding, shape cutting, and assembly. We are currently in compliance with ISO9001 (Design Activity Exemption) 200, SAE AS9100 1999 Rev. A., and customer requirements.  ROBERT F CHAPMAN strives to deliver products and services that meet our customer's  specific needs. We are committed to constant improvement by training our people, upgrading our equipment, eliminating non-essential practices, and creating an environment of total quality consciousness. This Quality Assurance Policy applies to all phases of our operation, from procurement of raw stock, to delivery of finished products.

Robert F Chapman Precision Fabrication

With the CL-6, entire sheets can be easily processed. Optional dual pallets allow an operator to unload parts and reload material on one pallet while the laser cuts on the other, increasing both throughput and efficiency.

Inherent Versatility

The CL-6 is an ideal job shop laser, because it can productively cut a wide variety of materials, including: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Wood, Acrylic, Rubber, Titanium and Galvanized. Most setups take only a few seconds. Applications assistance is available from experienced technicians for cutting a variety of materials. The standard non-contact head is ideal for cutting most materials. It follows the surface of conductive materials at an exact standoff, enabling the user to cut sheets that are not perfectly flat.

Improved Part Quality

In laser cutting, quality is measured by part accuracy and edge condition. The advanced features of the CL-6 provide customers the assurance of the highest quality parts day-in and day-out. Dynamic Power Control (DPC™) To ensure consistent kerf width and edge condition, the CL-6 employs a unique feature, Dynamic Power Control (DPC™). DPC automatically and continuously adjusts laser power to the machine’s feedrate, which is critical in maintaining a consistent cutting process. DPC eliminates the need for conventional power control, which typically requires involved CNC programming techniques. Instead, cutting parameters stored in the control’s material library are used by the DPC to maintain the power/feedrate relationship suitable for the particular material being cut.

Our Fans

Our Promise

We work until you’re happy
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    available for all standard sheet metal formats up to 4 x 2.5m
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    • optimal, direct access to the cutting area
    • conversion for processing tubes within 5 minutes
    • laser power of from 4.4 kW up to 6 kw
    • repositioning machines up to 12 m long

Miyano BNC-34T

Miyano Machinery is the world leader in the manufacturing of precision machining equipment.  Miyano has been a pioneer in the development of automatic lathes, continually achieving advances in productivity and precision.

Directions to Our Location

Robert F Chapman

43100 Exchange Pl
Lancaster, CA, USA 93535
6:00am to 4:30pm
8:00am to 12:00nn

Chapmansaurus Rex

First thing you see in the
lobby is our mascot,

Composed of over 200 individually cut pieces of 1/4" CRS steel and standing over 4 feet tall, it serves as a striking and fun demonstration of what precision CNC fabrication can do.

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