Robert F Chapman Precision Fabrication

With the CL-6, entire sheets can be easily processed. Optional dual pallets allow an operator to unload parts and reload material on one pallet while the laser cuts on the other, increasing both throughput and efficiency.

Inherent Versatility

The CL-6 is an ideal job shop laser, because it can productively cut a wide variety of materials, including: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Wood, Acrylic, Rubber, Titanium and Galvanized. Most setups take only a few seconds. Applications assistance is available from experienced technicians for cutting a variety of materials. The standard non-contact head is ideal for cutting most materials. It follows the surface of conductive materials at an exact standoff, enabling the user to cut sheets that are not perfectly flat.

Improved Part Quality

In laser cutting, quality is measured by part accuracy and edge condition. The advanced features of the CL-6 provide customers the assurance of the highest quality parts day-in and day-out. Dynamic Power Control (DPC™) To ensure consistent kerf width and edge condition, the CL-6 employs a unique feature, Dynamic Power Control (DPC™). DPC automatically and continuously adjusts laser power to the machine’s feedrate, which is critical in maintaining a consistent cutting process. DPC eliminates the need for conventional power control, which typically requires involved CNC programming techniques. Instead, cutting parameters stored in the control’s material library are used by the DPC to maintain the power/feedrate relationship suitable for the particular material being cut.